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Our Mission

To promote the beauty of Africa in its diversity through art, fashion and interior decoration.


1. Make Africa known differently

Kalebass was created for the love of Art, Fashion and Culture. Our products come from all over the mother continent. Africa is the cradle of humanity but also the cradle of Art. From Johannesburg to Djerba, or from Dakar to Antananarivo via Sudan, Africa is home to artistic treasures made from very little. Kalebass wants to make known and live this Africa, little known.


2. Convey emotions

Each product has its story. From its equatorial forest to the sculptor and the lumberjack, each work has meant a lot to each actor. This product gives life to some and makes others dream. Art is often a means of survival.

We also personalize all the idems to touch your emotions.


3. Respect man and nature

We try to acquire our works from artisans who respect nature and share values ​​of family, solidarity and giving back. Our artists must make a living from their art and we take this into account in our negotiations.


4. Get you away at a lower cost

You will therefore find here products with an experience and an emotion to transmit. We want you to discover Africa with the same eyes as us. This is why our prices remain affordable and accessible. Take the trip, you won't regret it!

Our Vision

1- Provide personalized service: in the items and services offered,

2- Offer a diverse and rare catalog: articles from all over Africa, designed by us or for us,

3- Include the principles of fair and eco-responsible trade and philanthropy in our pipeline.

Our Values

1- Customer-oriented service

2- Fair and eco-responsible trade

3- Pay it forward

4- Integrity

5- Respect and commitment to our clients and to our mission

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